Microsoft Excel Database

Our most popular capture and organising services delivers your data in the popular and broadly available Microsoft Excel format providing you with the freedom to easily edit and implement the data. Output options are Excel, CSV or XML.

Microsoft Word / ASCII Text-Based

For simple or text-based formatting you can select to receive your captured data in either Microsoft Word or ASCII (plain text) file formats to enable you to store or implement the data received according to your requirements.

Application Specific Data Formats 

Discover the versatility of our capturing services by receiving your captured data into the specific format of your application. We have a variety of data-entry and capturing software available and can extend our formats to meet your needs.

Need specific data organising, sorting and capturing services not listed above? Contact us today to find out how we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

There are no minimum or maximum limits in the data capturing services which we provide. Contact us with any task, big or small to enable us to assist you with your project.